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  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Long Lasting
  • Ease of sharpen
  • Perfect Grip
  • High strength
  • Lightweight


ColourMulti Colour
MaterialRecycle Multi Colour Paper
Point TypeBold 2B
Net Quantity     10 count (Pack of 1)

1 Black Pencil

1 Purple Pencil

1 Orange Pencil

1 Light Green Pencil

1 Dark Green Pencil

1 Pink Pencil

1 Yellow Pencil

1 Red Pencil

1 Brown Pencil

1 Blue Pencil


About this item

  • ECO FRIENDLY: These Eco Friendly Pencils are made from 100% Biodegradable Recycled Paper - Serving a cause to Save Trees and Grow Plants and Environment Friendly.
  • BENEFIT: Eco Friendly, Wood Free, Polymer Free, Up-cycled, Easy To Sharpen. And Easy To Use With Edible Color Made With Recycled Color Paper.
  • PERFECT GIFT OPTION: It Is An ideal Birthday Gift for Students, Kids, Offices and Businesses who care for the environment and Gives Contribution In Saving Environment.
  • SAVE NATURE & SAVE PLANET: As We All Know Global Warming Conditions Now a Days . Oxygen Levels Dropping Because of Less Trees and We All Are Risking Our Future as well as Our Kids and Love Once.

Color Lead News Paper Pencil

    • Length : 172mm
    • Dia : 7.2mm
    • Color : Multi Color
    • Material : Recycle News Paper
    • Use For : Light Weight, Eco-friendly, 2B extra dark color lead, Suitable for writing, drawing & sketching purpose
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