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About Us

Everything is in the name Akotro, the meaning of Akotro (एकत्र) is Together, in one, in one place.

Akotro is India's popular E-Commerce marketplace exclusively for sustainable products. Our mission is to change the people's spending pattern for their lifestyle commodities.

We truly believe in the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - are the cornerstone of sustainable living. By reducing consumption, reusing items, and recycling materials, we can minimize waste and conserve resources. Embracing the 3Rs promotes a greener lifestyle, reduces environmental impact, and fosters a healthier planet for future generations. Let's all do our part by incorporating the 3Rs into our daily lives and making a positive difference for the world we share.

Akotro values community and authenticity. We prioritize locally produced, conscious alternatives for a sustainable lifestyle at home and beyond. Join us in this collective movement to drive change in consumer behaviour towards a greener future.

Akotro Logo

Akotro’s Sustainable Stationery

Made from Recycled Paper


Empowering Women

At the heart of Akotro's mission lies a steadfast commitment to empowering women. Through the employment of women from nearby localities, the company not only provides them with a steady income but also imparts valuable skills and training in stationery production and crafting. These women are integral to every stage of the manufacturing process, from collecting recycled paper to assembling plantable seed pencils and pens. Through this employment, Akotro not only fosters economic independence and self-reliance among women but also contributes to their overall empowerment and well-being.


Community Impact

Beyond economic empowerment and environmental sustainability, Akotro's presence has a profound impact on the local community. The employment opportunities provided to the local women contribute to poverty alleviation and socioeconomic development in the region. Additionally, the company engages in community outreach programs, offering educational workshops on sustainable practices and environmental conservation. Through these initiatives, Akotro fosters a sense of community ownership and responsibility towards the environment, inspiring positive change on both individual and collective levels.


Sustainable Production Practices

At Akotro, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. By utilizing recycled paper as the primary raw material for its pencils and pens, the company minimizes environmental impact while reducing waste. Moreover, the incorporation of plantable seeds into its stationery products serves as a powerful symbol of regeneration and environmental stewardship. Each pencil, pen or notebook  not only serves its functional purpose but also carries the potential to grow into a living plant, contributing to biodiversity and green spaces.



Akotro's endeavour to empower women through sustainable production represents a model of inclusive and environmentally conscious business practices. By harnessing the potential of women in locals and embracing innovation in stationery manufacturing, Akotro not only creates economic opportunities but also fosters a deeper connection between people and the planet. As the company continues to grow and expand its impact, it serves as a beacon of empowerment, sustainability, and positive change in the communities.

Meet the Team Akotro

Team Akotro creates eco-friendly stationery from recycled paper, prioritizing sustainability in their products.

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