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The world is not affluent enough to afford economical thing

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Economical T-shirts are not made out of carelessness or lack of effort. They are made by a system that is designed for exploitation. The fast fashion industry intentionally exploits natural resources, human labour, and even its own customers in order to make a profit. This massive scale of production exists not so much to make a sale, but to keep people buying.

It’s easy to see how massive cotton farming operations gobble up resources like water and soil nutrients. It’s easy to see the dumping of chemicals, the contaminated water sources in remote villages, the tired hands of people who work in factories for unfair wages and in unsafe conditions. Seeing how you, the consumer, are exploited by the fast fashion industry is not always so easy. But let’s start by looking at the discounts.

When you’re offered a seasonal sale, it’s not for your benefit. It’s a tactic companies use to clear out inventory to make room for the latest harvest. The environmental impact is enormous, and in response, Akotro has pledged never to participate in seasonal discounts.

Find out why Seasonal discounts are so bad for the planet

Big fashion companies understand that when they invest in the big machinery, the harsh pesticides, the cheap dyes, the seasonal sales, the return on investment for them is not pennies on the dollar for selling you that ₹ 200 – 300 T-shirt, but keeping you coming back to replace your T-shirt month after month. They might be keeping the cost level for you, but they increase their profits by reducing expenses, by finding new ways to exploit the planet.

At some point, there will be no more resources to exploit.

Discounting luxury and quality is a delicate art.

The reason we offer 1% off first orders is to make it easier for people to invest in something that will benefit themselves, the planet, and a new cycle that we are creating together.

This cycle is the sustainable fashion movement. Instead of a world where companies exploit people and resources to slap a luxury label on something, Imagine a world where luxury is created by communities of people who care. Instead of a world where we buy and discard and buy and discard, filling up landfills faster than we can dig them, a world where we can use, reuse, recycle, and create balance.

The fast fashion industry has caused undeniable damage to our planet. Can we still undo the harm that was done? If there’s a chance we might as well take it, looking good and feeling good in the process.

The bottom line Luxury of T -shirt

The bottom line is, luxury T-shirts are not worth splurging on. They’re worth investing in. So long as the brand providing your luxury T-shirts also offers transparency in how they operate and a mission that’s worth supporting, you can feel good about how and where your money is being spent.

Luxury T-shirts are as much of an investment in convenience as they are in cost. Not replacing all those T-shirts saves you time and stress too, and you’ll get a better product out of making the switch as much as a better lifestyle.

Feel the luxury difference and become a part of a community that values premium quality and has a responsible mindset about their impact on the world. Start by browsing our luxury men’s T-shirts or luxury women’s T-shirts.

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